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Prof. S. K Senapati


Message from the desk of Director

Central Sanskrit University is a premier institution of Sanskrit & purely a Central University. Central Sanskrit University,Ekalavya Campus,Agartala, is one of the thirteen campuses of Central Sanskrit University, New Delhi. It promotes Indian Knowledge System & bridges the gap between Sanskrit Shastras & Modern disciplines. Science embedded in Sanskrit Shastras is highlighted through every endeavour of Central Sanskrit University, Ekalavya campus, Agartala.This campus takes the holy pledge of propagating Sanskrit Shastra in the entire Northeast.Thus learners have the unique opportunity to enrich their knowledge in Sanskrit Shastras. Besides this, this campus offers various Modern subjects as part of the course also. It offers an intellectual platform of interdisciplinary studies and research. Come & join us. Enjoy learning!

Former Directors

Following List showing the duration of Services performed by the Director since the inception of the Campus

Name From To
01 Prof. Ranjit Kumar Barman 30-04-2020 13-01-2022
02 Prof.Bachcha Bharati, I/c 14-01-2020 09-02-2022
03 Prof.Sukanta Kumar Senapati 10-02-2022 -