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आधुनिक विभाग (Department of Modern Subjects)


Department of Modern subjects at Central Sanskrit University, Ekalavya Campus is comprised of different disciplines like English, Political Science, Computer Science, Hindi, Bengali and Physical Education. This department follows a very innovative method in Teaching-learning process. Students are being provided a very good technical sound in Computer. Not only this, students are being inculcated a very good competence in English through Tagore English Club, a platform of evaluating students’ ‘L-S-R-W’ competence in English. Other than this, other subjects like political science offering students a very good competence in Good Governance and in other relevant happenings in the world of politics so that their knowledge in this discipline gets enriched. Other disciplines like Hindi and Bengali are striving hard to provide students a very good competence in these respective languages. While on the one hand students are being provided a Spoken Bengali Platform to improve their skill in this language, on the other hand, programmes like Hindi pakhwara or Hindi workshop is offering students a very active platform to sharpen their competence in this language. Physical Education is providing students a very healthy platform so that the proverb ‘Sound mind in a sound body’ becomes fruitful. Overall improvement of the students is the motto of this department.


Photo Name Designation Contact
01 ... Dr. Suman Acharjee Assistant Professor, HOD sumanacharjee20@gmail.com
02 ... Dr. Brahma Nand Mishra Contract Teacher missra135@gmail.com
03 ... Dr. Rajib Ghosh Guest Teacher rajibghoshfb2012@gmail.com
04 ... Dr. Binapani Chanda Contract Teacher chandabina22@gmail.com
05 ... Er. Parvin Debbarma Guest Teacher pdbc19@gmail.com
06 ... Dr. Uma Begam Guest Teacher umabegam@gmail.com